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Working Papers on Information Systems ISSN 1535-6078
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Chen, J., Vinig, T. (2007). "Entrepreneurship: An Analytical Thermodynamic Theory," University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Dirksen, V., Huizing, A. (2007). "The Networking Knowledge Worker, Technology Appropriation and the Shaping of Learning Practices," University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Huizing, A. (2007). "Objectivist by default: why information management needs a new foundation," University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Huizing, A. (2007). "The Value of a Rose: Rising above Objectivism and Subjectivism," University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Kroeze, J.H. (2007). "Linguistic Informatics: A Humanistic Endeavor," .

Laukkanen, S. (2007). "Information Systems as Integrative Infrastructures: Information Integration and the Broader Context of Integrative and Coordinative Devices," Helsinki School of Economics, Finland.

Potgieter, A., April, K.A., Cooke, R.J.E., Osunmakinde, I.O. (2007). "Temporality in Link Prediction: Understanding Social Complexity," University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Ranganathan, C., Balaji, S. (2007). "Critical Capabilities for Offshore Outsourcing of Information Systems," Indiana University, USA.

Sarpola. S. (2007). "Evaluation Framework for VMI Systems," Helsinki School of Economics, Finland.

Sarpola. S. (2007). "Focus of Information Systems in Collaborative Supply Chain Relationships," Helsinki School of Economics, Finland.

Thijssen, J.P.T., Gijselaers, W. (2007). "Closing the Generation Gap between Youth, Business School and Business through Learning-by-Sharing Combining Academic Rigor and Practical Relevance," University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Truijens. O., Barten, B. (2007). "Value Impediments for Organizers of Communities of Consumption," University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Vinig, T., Kluijver, J. de (2007). "Does Globalization Impact Entrepreneurship? Comparative Study of Country Level Indicators," University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Vries, E. de (2007). "Rigorously Relevant Action Research in Information Systems," University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Wisse, P. (2007). "Civil information management, a short introduction: an information discipline for society and the metaphor of traffic," University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Yu, A.Y., Khalifa, M. (2007). "A Conceptual Model for Enhancing Intra-Group Knowledge Sharing," City University of Hong Kong, China.

Yuan, N., Vinig, T. (2007). "Ownership Structure of Chinese SME's and the Challenges it Presents to Their Growth," University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Conference or Workshop Item

Watson-Manheim, M.-B., Chudoba, K. M., Crowston, K. (2007). "Distance Matters, Except When It Doesn't: Discontinuities in Virtual Work,"

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