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Working Papers on Information Systems ISSN 1535-6078
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√Ąkkinen, M. (2005). "Conceptual Foundations of Online Communities," Helsinki School of Economics, Finland.

Baxter, R., Lyytinen, K. (2005). "Information Technology Impact on Work Practices: A Study of 3D CAD Capabilities in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction," Case Western Reserve University, USA.

Berente, N., Lyytinen, K. (2005). "Iteration in Systems Analysis and Design: Cognitive Processes and Representational Artifacts," Case Western Reserve University, USA.

Berghout, Egon (2005). "Business economic aspects of IT (in Dutch)," University of Groningen, Netherlands. (Dutch)

Berghout, Egon, Fairchild, Alea (2005). "Centralization issues in IT governance: The role and responsibilities of the IT Control Officer from a European perspective," University of Groningen, Netherlands.

Beyer, P. (2005). "Architecture Blueprint in Strategic Alignment," University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Bryant, A., Maes, R. (2005). "Information Architecture: From Structural Notion to Meaningful Communicative Concept," University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Bryant, A., Maes, R. (2005). "The Role of the Information Architect: Conquering Cognitive Parochialism," University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Cheung, C.M.K., Lee, M.K.O. (2005). "Research Framework for Consumer Satisfaction with Internet Shopping," City University of Hong Kong, China.

Friedman, A. (2005). "Examining Egocentric and Allocentric Frames of Reference in Virtual Space Systems," Delft University of Technology, Netherlands.

Germonprez, M., Srinivasan, N., Avital, M. (2005). "Using Interface Design Standards to Support Pervasive Computing," Case Western Reserve University, USA.

Grant, J., Zhao, L., Collopy, F. (2005). "The Design of an Interactive and Dynamic Representation of the Firm," Case Western Reserve University, USA.

Hansen, S., Avital, M. (2005). "Share and Share Alike: The Social and Technological Influences on Knowledge Sharing Behavior," Case Western Reserve University, USA.

Huizing, A. , Maes, R., Thijssen, T. (2005). "Educating Professionals Leveraging Diversity in Globalizing Education," University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Huizing, A., Smit, B., Dirksen, V. (2005). "A Cultural Critique of Organizational Change: Getting in Touch with Reality Stream: Social Networks," University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Knutsen, L.A., Lyytinen, K. (2005). "The Difference is in Messaging: Specifications, Properties and Gratifications Affecting the Japanese Wireless Service Evolution," Case Western Reserve University, USA.

Maes, R. (2005). "Data and Reality: A Plea for Management Realism and Data Modesty," University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Maes, R., Smit, B., Tan, Y., Truijens, O. (2005). "Back to School: Triangulating City Entrepreneurship," University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

McGann, T., Lyytinen, K. (2005). "How Information Systems Evolve by and for Use," Case Western Reserve University, USA.

Renkema, T.J.W., Berghout, Egon (2005). "Investment appraisal and management (in Dutch)," University of Groningen, Netherlands. (Dutch)

Rennecker, J., Dennis, A.R., Hansen, S. (2005). "'Invisible Whispering': Instant Messaging in Meetings," Case Western Reserve University, USA.

Shen, Z., Yoo, Y., Lyytinen, K. (2005). "Temporal Implications of Information Technology for Work Practices: Organizing in and for Time in an Emergency Department," Case Western Reserve University, USA.

Stoelhorst, J.W., Huizing, A. (2005). "Organizational Learning as Evolution: The Promise of Generalized Darwinism for Organization Science," University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Stoelhorst, J.W., Huizing, A. (2005). "The Firm as a Darwin Machine: Organizational Learning as an Evolutionary Process," University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Tang, A., Ali Babar, M., Gorton, I., Han, J. (2005). "A Survey of Architecture Design Rationale," University of Limerick, Ireland.

Taylor, N. (2005). "An exploratory study of customer responses to complaint Web sites," Indiana University, USA.

Tilson, D., Lyytinen, K. (2005). "Making Broadband Wireless Services: An Actor-Network Study of the US Wireless Industry Standard Adoption," Case Western Reserve University, USA.

Truijens, O. (2005). "Transparency regulation in the electricity industry: a governmental affair?!," University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Truijens, O., Huizing, A. (2005). "The Strategic Potential of Information Imperfections: An Information Strategy Framework for Seeking InfoRent," University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Vreeken, A. (2005). "The History of Information: Lessons for Information Management," University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Wright, E.W. (2005). "The Rx for Electronic Healthcare Records: Time, Not Incentives," Case Western Reserve University, USA.

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