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Hoebeke, L. (2000). "Making Work Systems Better: A Practitioner's Reflections," Internet edition, Belgium


Okoli, C. (2002). "Industries, information, and the Internet: An Information-Oriented Perspective of Industries," .


Okoli, C. (2003). "Privatization, ICTs and Economic Development: Elucidating Multivariate Data Analyses," .


Bukvova, H., Gilge, S., Schoop, E. (2006). "Enhancing the Framework for Virtual Collaborative Learning: Comparison of two Case Studies," .

Harris, A. (2006). "Using Google Groups in the Classroom: A Case Study," .

Walcott, T.H., Williams,G (2006). "Investigating Current Methodologies Used in Developing Neural Network Intelligent Applications for SMEs," .


Kroeze, J.H. (2007). "Linguistic Informatics: A Humanistic Endeavor," .


Banday M.T., Shafiya Afzal (2008). "Web Portal for Kashmir Tourism Industry:Design Guidelines," .

Hof, C. van 't (2008). "Logo Code: a Common Language Based on 2D Barcodes," .

Okoli, C. (2008). "A Brief Review of Studies on Open Source Software in Developing Countries in Peer-Reviewed Journals," .

Shah N.A., Banday M.T. (2008). "Drag and Drop Image CAPTCHA," .

Shah, N.A., Banday M.T. (2008). "System Analysis of SPAM," .

Trivedi, M.J., Anuradha, S.J. (2008). "Specific Use of Internet Amongst Health Care Professionals in a Rural Tertiary Medical College of India," .

Walcott, T.H., Palmer-Brown, D, Lee, S.W (2008). "Creating Intelligent Markets for SMEs Using the Snap-Drift Algorithm: A Higher Education College Perspective," .


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Banday, M.T., Qadri, J.A., Shah, N.A. (2009). "Study of Botnets and Their Threats to Internet Security," .

Böhringer, M. (2009). "Really Social Syndication: A Conceptual View on Microblogging," .

Bukvova, H. (2009). "Research as a Process: A Comparison between Different Research Approaches," .

Bukvova, H. (2009). "Research Proposal: Supporting the Initiation of Research Collaborations," .

Datta, A. (2009). "IT Based Knowledge Capability and Commercialization of Innovations: Modeling the impacts on ambidexterity and absorptive capacity," .

Kalb, H., Bukvova, H., Schoop, E. (2009). "The Digital Researcher: Exploring the Use of Social Software in the Research Process," .

Kar, A. K. (2009). "Modeling of Supplier Selection in e-Procurement as a Multi-Criteria Decision Making Problem," .

Kar, A. K. (2009). "Using Fuzzy Neural Networks and Analytic Hierarchy Process for Supplier Classification in e-Procurement," .

Kar, A. K., De, S. K. (2009). "Using Neural Networks for Pattern Association for the Online Purchase of Products," .

Mavetera, N., Kroeze, J.H. (2009). "Practical Considerations in Grounded Theory Research," .

Okoli, C (2009). "Beyond Open Source Software: An Introduction to Researching Open Content," .

Okoli, C., Schabram, K. (2009). "Protocol for a Systematic Literature Review of Research on the Wikipedia," .

Sarnikar, S, Murphy, M. (2009). "A Usability Analysis Framework for Healthcare Information Technology," .


Kroeze, J.H. (2010). "The Mutualistic Relationship between Information Systems and the Humanities," .

Aljafari, R., Sarnikar, S. (2010). "A Risk Assessment Framework for Inter-Organizational Knowledge Sharing," .

Andru, P., Botchkarev, A. (2010). "A Method of Rapid Evaluation of a Multipurpose Customer Relationship Management System," .

Banday M.T., Qadri J.A., Shah N.A. (2010). "A Practical Study of E-mail Communication through SMTP," .

Banday M.T., Shah N.A. (2010). "A Concise Study of Web Filtering," .

Bukvova, H. (2010). "Studying Research Collaboration: A Literature Review," .

Conger, S. (2010). "Software Development Life Cycles and Methodologies: Fixing the old and adopting the new," .

Klas G., Ulf M. (2010). "Formative Infrastructure for IT-Adoption Understanding the Dynamics of IT-Use in SME's," .

P. Hangsing (2010). "Kano Model's Perspective of Library 2.0 Concept," .

Indeje W.G., Zheng Q. (2010). "Organizational Culture and Information Systems Implementation: A Structuration Theory Perspective," .

Keller, C., Gare, K., Edenius, M., Lindblad, S. (2010). "Innovations in Health Care: Design Theory and Realist Evaluation Combined," .

Kroeze, J.H., Pretorius, P.D., Roode, J.D. (2010). "The role of an ICT research professor in South Africa," .

Lin, D. (2010). "Knowledge Management Reloaded: A Framework for the Systemic Handling of Knowledge within the Enterprise 2.0," . (German)

Mir, F.A., Banday, M.T. (2010). "Emerging Legal Issues of E-Commerce," .

Naik, N., Kim, D. (2010). "An Extended Adaptive Structuration Theory Framework for Determinants of Virtual Team Success," .

Nel, D.F., Kroeze, J.H., Lotriet, H.H. (2010). "ICT to Disempower? A Perspective on ICT as Postmodern Agent," .

Okoli, C., Schabram, K. (2010). "A Guide to Conducting a Systematic Literature Review of Information Systems Research," .

Schellhammer, S. (2010). "Theorizing the IT-Artifact in Inter-Organizational Information Systems: An Identity Perspective," .

Ssebuggwawo, D., Hoppenbrouwers, S.J.B.A., Proper, H.A. (2010). "Collaborative Modeling: Towards a Meta-model for Analysis and Evaluation," .


Andru, P., Botchkarev, A. (2011). "An Introduction to Return on Investment for Information Systems," .

Bukvova, H. (2011). "Information Demand on Scientists' Internet Profiles," .

Bukvova, H. (2011). "Online Impression Management for Scientists," .

Gare, K., Melin, U. (2011). "Sociomaterial Actors in the Assimilation Gap," .

Kroeze, J.H. (2011). "Interpretivism in Information Systems: A Postmodern Epistemology?," .

Luukkonen, I., Korpela, M., Mursu, A. (2011). "Studying the Applicability of Methods: Activity Driven Needs Analysis Applied to Maternity Pathway in Pudong, Shanghai," .

Skinner, J. (2011). "Social Media and Revolution: The Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement as Seen through Three Information Studies Paradigms," .


Kroeze, J.H. (2012). "Transdisciplinarity in IS: The Next Frontier in Computing Disciplines," .

Richter, A., Behrendt, S., Koch, M. (2012). "APERTO: A Framework for Selection, Introduction, and Optimization of Corporate Social Software," .

Scupola, A., Nicolajsen, H. W. (2012). "The Impact of Social Media Enterprise Crowdsourcing on Company Innovation Culture: The Case of an Engineering Consultancy," .


Offor, P. I. (2013). "Exploring Broadband Enabled Smart eEnvironment: Wireless Sensor (Mesh) Network," .

Sudhakar, G.P. (2013). "The Key Functions and Best Practices of Software Product Management," .

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