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Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of publication is "Sprouts: Working Papers on Information Systems"?
Sprouts: Working Papers on Information Systems (often referred to as 'Sprouts') is indexed Open Access outlet of emergent work and working papers carried out primarily by scholars of the information systems field and members of AIS, the Association for Information Systems. By design, it emphasizes fast-turnaround and quick dissemination of ideas at minimal opportunity cost to our community, thereby filling the gap between loose working papers and traditional journals that are notorious for a long review process at the expense of speed to market. As open access publication, the papers are made available online for instant and free access by academics and scholarly practitioners who are interested in research on information, technology and organization. To learn more, see an Introduction to Sprouts.

Who is the publisher of Sprouts?
Sprouts is published by the Sprouts Alliance. See Editorial Team and Contact Information for further details about the membership and names of current officers.

Who are the stakeholders of Sprouts?
Sprouts is powered by ePrints, hosted and maintained by Universiteit van Amsterdam Business School, edited and supported by its globally distributed editorial board members, associated with its institutional affiliates, and served by the Association for Information Systems (AIS).

How often papers are published?
Papers are published soon after a short editorial review. Each paper is given a permanent unique bibliographic reference that is based on a volume and article number classification scheme.

Where is Sprouts indexed?
Sprouts is currently indexed in Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), and Google Scholars. It also listed in The Index of Information Systems Journals, and many other interest-based or institution-based directories.

Does Sprouts support the Open Archives Initiative (OAI)?
Sprouts supports OAI 2.0 with a base URL of http://sprouts.aisnet.org/cgi/oai2.

Which software is used to run and manage the repository?
Sprouts is powered by EPrints 3.

Whom should I contact for other questions?
Please see the Contact Information.

How to cite a paper in Sprouts?
Please copy the citation provided in the first page of the respective paper.

May I use the papers free of charge?
Except where otherwise noted, papers are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. Permission to make copies of this work for personal or classroom use is granted provided that copies are not used for profit or other commercial purpose and that copies bear this copyright notice and a full citation. Abstracting with credit is permitted. Written permission from the authors and possibly a fee are required prior to making any other use of this material. If in doubt, contact the author of the respective paper.

How can I subscribe to the publication?
Access to Sprouts is free of charge and no subscription is required.

Can I get a hard copy of a paper?
Download and print the respective PDF file. We do not distribute hard copies.

How can I add my name to your mailing list? Can you notify me about new papers?
We do not maintain a mailing list. You can get a notification about new papers by using the Atom or RSS 1.0 or RSS 2.0 feeds.

What version of RSS is supported by the link in the footer?
The link supports RSS 2.0. Use the following for Atom or RSS 1.0.

May I submit a paper?
Paper submission is free and open with no regard to affiliation of any kind.

What are the paper submission criteria?
Sprouts welcomes submissions of any work that relates to the underlying domains of interest of AIS membership. Submissions are expected to meet the criteria set in the Charter and to follow the Guide for Authors.

What kinds of submissions are acceptable?
Sprouts is geared to support any emergent and none traditional work, including conference and workshop proceedings, institutional working papers, technical reports, dissertations, long manuscripts, data of all sorts, self-archived work, early drafts, and similar embryonic research writings. For lack of a common label for such a wide category, we refer to them as eprints or working papers interchangeably.

What are Sprouts' manuscript style and format guidelines? What is the submission procedure?
Please review Guide for Authors and the Style Requirements.

Who retain copyrights of the papers in Sprouts?
Copyrights are retained by the respective authors. Except where otherwise noted, papers are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

May I submit a paper that was already presented or published elsewhere (e.g., a working papers series, conference proceedings, and the like)?
Yes, you may if you do not infringe copyrights. Earlier publication must be disclosed in the submission form. If available, a web link to the earlier version should be provided too.

May I publish or post my Sprouts paper elsewhere(e.g., other repositories, personal web site)?
Yes, you may. It is your paper. Earlier publication in Sprouts including a full citation should be specified in a footnote or acknowledgement. You may also include a link from the abstract cover page in Sprouts to the respective web page in the other site, and vice versa.

Can I publish my Sprouts paper in a traditional journal?
Publishing in Sprouts does not intend to hinder or substitute publishing in other venues, when desired. Significantly enhanced versions of the papers can be submitted later to journals provided that the normal requirements of originality as stated by the guidelines of the prospective journals are not violated. Our experience shows that promising working papers and proceedings papers can be published in journals pending a significant revision. The final published versions are likely to be fundamentally different due to the required revision as well as the need to add rigor and hone the argument. In case of an unresolved conflict, a paper may be replaced with an extended abstract and a reference to the journal version. In any case, a footnote and citation that directs readers to a newer version published elsewhere may be added in Sprouts.

Can I publish my Sprouts paper in a conference proceeding?
Significantly enhanced versions of a paper in Sprouts can be submitted to conferences provided that the requirements of originality as stated by the submission guidelines are not violated. Submitting a virtually unchanged Sprouts paper to a conference is likely to be unacceptable. If in doubt, please contact the conference organizers prior to submission.

Can I update or revise my paper in Sprouts?
Yes. Please send a detailed inquiry and the new version to the managing editor at admin@sprouts.aisnet.org Do NOT submit a revision as a "new submission" because it will create multiple versions of the same paper.

How do I submit a revision of a conference/workshop paper?
Once the paper has been returned to you by the program chairs, you'd be able to access and revise your paper as follows:
  1. From the top menu, go to "manage deposits"
  2. Click on the "view item" icon (magnifying glass)
  3. Select the "Edit" tab in the dialog box
  4. Click on "Upload" button to see the upload page and follow the
    process to upload the new version.
  5. Once the revised paper has been upload, click on "delete document"
    button above the original submission remove it. (Do NOT click on the
    small "X" next to the file names. Use the "Delete document" button)
  6. Click on "next" and verify that all mandatory fields of the meta
    data in "Details" are complete. Please see required style here:
  7. Click on "next" and verify that the designated reviewer is
    appropriate and related to your venue of choice
  8. Click "next" and "Deposit item"

Can I delete my paper?
Sprouts is indexed by multiple search engines and research databases. In order to maintain the integrity of the database and avoid dead links, we refrain from deleting any permanent URL that is associated with a paper. You may always replace a current paper with a revised version or with an extended abstract of the underlying work. You may also add in the metadata a link to other related versions of the paper.

What is the takedown policy?
In view of the light editorial processes involved in paper acceptance, the Editors reserve the right to subsequently take down any paper that has been found inappropriate (e.g., violate the AIS Code of Research Conduct).

Can I upload an entire or part of an existing working papers series or workshop/conference proceedings into Sprouts to provide the papers with additional exposure?
Yes, you can. Please contact the editors for further information.

How much does it cost to publish in Sprouts?
Sprouts is based on voluntary work of its members and does not charge membership or publishing fees.

How can my department/SIG/institution/association become an affiliate of Sprouts?
Please contact the editors for further information.

May I submit papers in languages other than English?
You may submit a paper in any language subject to the following: (1) the metadata information is provided in English; (2) an editor who is proficient in the language of the paper is available on the editorial board; and (3) the paper adheres to all other terms and conditions of Sprouts. If you have any questions in that regards, please contact the editors.