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Guide for Authors
We welcome any paper that conforms to the Charter of Spouts and is prepared according to this guide.

Submission Procedure
Manuscripts should follow the Style Requirements and be uploaded via the submission system. In order to maintain quality standards of published papers, each manuscript will be reviewed internally by an editor to verify its appropriateness for Sprouts and adherence to the style requirements. Authors can track the status of their papers using the online submission system. Papers that we decline to publish may be resubmitted upon revision.

Uploading your paper
Please use the following checklist prior to uploading a paper for review. The following information should be readily available once you upload any submission.

-Authors Names, Affiliation, and email
-Contact person information
-Title of paper
-The paper is in PDF format (password protection must be turned off)
-The paper must conform to the Style Requirements

The contribution to the Sprouts should in no way violate any existing copyright. Submission of a paper represents the author's agreement to allow the publishers of Sprouts: Working Papers on Information Systems to publish the paper in any written or electronic format for distribution to all interested parties in perpetuity with or without compensation to the publishers and without compensation to the author. The parties understand that the author is granting a nonexclusive license and all copyrights remain the property of the author. In the event of a copyright conflict between a paper that was published in Sprouts and a newer version thereof that has been published elsewhere, authors may request to replace the Sprouts paper with an extended abstract that includes a citation of the newer version. Acknowledging the earlier publication in Sprouts in the newer version of the paper is expected.

Front-referencing and Back-referencing
A footnote and citation that directs readers to earlier or newer version published elsewhere can be added in Sprouts.