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Specific Use of Internet Amongst Health Care Professionals in a Rural Tertiary Medical College of India

Mayank Trivedi
Sardar Patel University, India
Anuradha Joshi
Pramukhswami Medical College, India

INTRODUCTION : The study was conducted at Pramukhswami Medical College in Karamsad (Gujarat, India) from November-August 2007 to assess the Computer and Internet usage amongst health care professionals. OBJECTIVE: To identify the knowledge of Computer and Internet of health care professionals of Pramukhswami Medical College and to understand the information-seeking behavior. We have observed the search habits of Internet users at PSMC. Efforts are on to find the search requirements related to the use of the Internet information. METHODS: They were given a questionnaire to collect the data. RESULTS: Results show that all the respondents are using the Internet frequently because. They use the Internet in different ways, such as accessing to online journals, downloading text, chatting, discussion, E-mail services and for finding related references. It is revealed that the professionals of PSMC are getting quality information through the Internet. It is observed that the Google and Yahoo search engines are more widely use compared to other search engines. CONCLUSION: The study revealed that high computer usage among health care professionals in an institution with good computer facilities. The majority expressed their willingness to undergo further training

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Reference:Trivedi, M.J., Anuradha, S.J. (2008). "Specific Use of Internet Amongst Health Care Professionals in a Rural Tertiary Medical College of India," . Sprouts: Working Papers on Information Systems, 8(5). http://sprouts.aisnet.org/8-5
Keywords:Internet usage, Internet access, Search engines, Search strategy, Information searching, Browsers, Digital information, Information seeking behavior, India, Gujarat.
Item Type:Article - Volume 8 Article 5 (2008)
Email: Mayank Trivedi (mjt143@gmail.com)
Anuradha Joshi (anu_sujai@yahoo.com)
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