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Who is Managing the Business Information?

Toon Abcouwer
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Jan Truijens
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This article examines the work of the information manager. To that end the various areas in the Amsterdam Information Management Model - the enneahedron - will be used to give a multi-faceted view of the field of activity of the information manager. According to our line of reasoning, the core of the enneahedron represents the viewpoint of the information manager, based on which eight different aspects of information management will be considered. Each of these eight aspects will be described and typified briefly and concisely. Then we will outline three examples of working situations derived from practice. From this, it appears that the eight aspects distinguished in these situations correspond to the areas of interest of information management. Thus, it will be clear that the enneahedron can be used as a pattern-card of activities for information management and can give a faithful picture of the activities of information managers. The level at which information management gets attention in an organisation naturally colours the nature of the various activities. We would suggest that, for answering the title question, it does not matter whether we consider the field of operations of the information manager or that of his boss, the CIO. The difference is one of responsibilities. It is unthinkable that in an information-intensive organisation, the CIO is not responsible for ICT operations but it is possible that he has no executive (management) role in this. Therefore, together with the principles of responsibility, authority and delegation, the enneahedron gives a good picture of the various areas of interest of information managers, whether this concerns the CIO or one of 'his' team. Neither do any essentially new elements arise here. The advantage of the enneahedron approach lies in the cohesion that the different areas of operation apparently have.

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Reference:Abcouwer, A.W., Truijens, J.H.J.M. (2006). "Who is Managing the Business Information?," University of Amsterdam, Netherlands . Sprouts: Working Papers on Information Systems, 6(14). http://sprouts.aisnet.org/6-14
Keywords:information management, organization concepts, management roles
Item Type:Article - Volume 6 Article 14 (2006)
Email: Toon Abcouwer (abcouwer@uva.nl)
Jan Truijens (j.h.j.m.truijens@uva.nl)
Related Link(s):http://primavera.feb.uva.nl/scripts/abstract.php?id=223

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