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Streamlining the Public Sector System of Information Systems

Pieter Wisse
Information Dynamics, Netherlands

Systematically structuring information resources, i.e. from principle as a system of systems and by the way not just in the public sector, but of course generally, requires assimilating relevant developments. A conceptual innovation might qualify, some new technology, or usually some novel combination. As such, geographic information systems now deserve special attention. A pioneering phase quite naturally concentrated on geometric positioning, for beginnings are often specific. To continue isolated application doesn’t make sense, though. Geographic systems, too, should now be optimally included in a system of systems, once again inviting a fundamental reconsideration at the integrated level. This paper starts by explaining the general concept of streamlining information resources when systems become systematically integrated as is currently characteristic of the so-called network society. Next, the specific relationship is treated in some detail between geometric positioning information on the one hand and information about the-object-thus-located on the other. It leads to recognizing some additional criteria for streamlining the system of information systems and thereby significantly promoting information quality. The paper aims for its audience especially on decision makers for information policy in the public sector, and their advisers. Yet, following a more general interpretation it provides suggestions for optimizing multimedia resources, including for example medical information systems, too.

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Reference:Wisse, P.E. (2003). "Streamlining the Public Sector System of Information Systems," University of Amsterdam, Netherlands . Sprouts: Working Papers on Information Systems, 3(21). http://sprouts.aisnet.org/3-21
Keywords:Public sector information management, core administrative information system, authentic public information, system of information systems, geographic information system.
Item Type:Article - Volume 3 Article 21 (2003)
Email: Pieter Wisse (pewisse@wanadoo.nl)
Additional Information:Originally published in Dutch, Stroomlijning tot informatiestelsel, in: PrimaVera, working paper # 2003-04, University of Amsterdam, 2003.

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