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A CLOCKWORK ORgANisation: Proposing a new theory of organisational temporality

Niamh O Riordan
National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland
Kieran Conboy
The University of New South Wales, Sydney & Lero, NUI Galway, Australia
Thomas Acton
National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland

Time is an inherent quality of human life yet it remains a hidden dimension in Information Systems (IS) research. Previous efforts to theorise organisational temporality have been hampered by problems associated with measurement model specification. At the same time, the manner in which time is structured in organisations has undergone significant changes, partly as a result of advances in IS/IT (Information Systems/Information Technology). As a result, there is a growing need for new research to improve our understanding of organisational temporal structures. To address this gap, this study develops a multidimensional model of Organisational Temporality. More specifically, the paper argues that Organisational Temporality can be modelled as second order construct, composed of three first order constructs (Temporal Structure, Temporal Schemata and Temporal Style), which can be evaluated using nine indicators. The paper describes our approach to formative construct development in detail.

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Reference:O Riordan, N., Conboy, K., Acton, T. (2012). "A CLOCKWORK ORgANisation: Proposing a new theory of organisational temporality," Proceedings > Proceedings of JAIS Theory Development Workshop . Sprouts: Working Papers on Information Systems, 12(11). http://sprouts.aisnet.org/12-11
Keywords:Formative construct development; organisational temporality; temporal structure; temporal schemata; temporal style; tempo; speed; acceleration; oscillation; timeliness; periodicity; iterativity; monochronicity; polychronicity; temporal signification; temporal awareness; improvisatory style; decision timing; decision satisfaction
Item Type:Article - Volume 12 Article 11 (2012)
Email: Niamh O Riordan (n.oriordan@yahoo.com)
Kieran Conboy (k.conboy@unsw.edu.au )
Thomas Acton (thomas.acton@nuigalway.ie )

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