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Evaluating the Applicability of a Use Value-Based File Retention Method

Fons Wijnhoven
University of Twente, Netherlands
Chintan Amrit
University of Twente, Netherlands

A well constructed file retention policy can help a company determine the relative value and the corresponding retrieval service level of the different files it owns. Though such a retention policy is useful, the method one can use to arrive at such a policy is under-researched. This paper discusses how one can arrive at a method (based on a systematic literature review) for developing file retention policies based on use values of files. In the case study, we demonstrate how one can develop a file retention policy by testing of causal relations between file retention policy parameters and the use value of files. This case study shows that, contrary to suggestions of previous research, the file type has no significant causal relation with the value of a file and thus should be excluded from a retention policy in this case. The case study also shows that there is a strong causal relation between the position of a user of a file and the value of this file. Furthermore, we have amended an existing subjective file valuation method, namely, the Information Value Questionnaire (IVQ). However, to make file retention methods effective and reliable a substantially more case experiences need to be collected.

Full Text Document:
PDF (Wijnhoven Amrit 2010 SIG SVC 2010 submission) 408Kb
Reference:Wijnhoven, F., Amrit, C. (2010). "Evaluating the Applicability of a Use Value-Based File Retention Method," Proceedings > Proceedings of SIGSVC Workshop . Sprouts: Working Papers on Information Systems, 10(118). http://sprouts.aisnet.org/10-118
Keywords:File retention; use value of data
Item Type:Article - Volume 10 Article 118 (2010)
Email: Fons Wijnhoven (a.b.j.m.wijnhoven@utwente.nl)
Chintan Amrit (c.amrit@utwente.nl)

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